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"Darren is extremely honest and will only treat where he believes he can. He is knowledgeable, friendly and a true professional."

Helen M.  Swindon



Whilst this page is about me, it's also always about whether I can help ease your pain. Even if you've had previous therapy that has failed, or you've had a condition for such a long time that you can't imagine being without it.

So I want to tell you who I am within that context.

Firstly, I can empathise. I may not be as old or as young as you but over the years I have experienced lots of pain.

I have had a so called ‘slipped disc’ in my lumbar spine. I once experienced disabling, career ending, so-called repetitive strain injury in both wrists. I have had plantar fasciitis. Three years of calf pain in both legs. Six months of left hamstring pain. Months of right bicep pain. Severe headaches and neck pain. I have bi-lateral (both sides) knee pain due to a condition known as osteo-chondro malacia patella. I've also often endured painful and restricted shoulder issues.

I believe that had I not come to understand this therapy (that I practise) so well, some of the above conditions may have at worst, ruined my life, or at best severely curtailed my enjoyment of life. yet currently none of the issues or problems above give me anything but minor symptoms. I am able to do just about anything I want to, from putting my socks on (at one time excruciatingly impossible!) To skiing black runs in the Alps, climbing Mount Snowden (well okay a hard walk then) or paragliding in the Sierra Nevada. Recently I ice skated about 50 miles of frozen lakes in Sweden! I do simple yoga most mornings and kayak throughout the summer I am also able to do stone sculpture, chainsaw sculpture and woodwork without pain. Mostly I walk with my partner and our mad border terrier.

It's been said that if you follow your passion you will never have to work, and that's me. I love figuring out what makes the human body do what it does. I studied at a prestigious London college for six years and completed over 1000 hours of clinic work as well is a 10,000 word thesis (on muscle function) in order to qualify as a pain relief therapist. And I have studied almost every day since.

Not just in books (although it is rare for me not to read something about human health and function almost every day) but in real life. I am my own teaching tool. I have figured out how to understand and solve every one of the problems that I just told you about. Either by constant experimentation on myself, sometimes for months, or by treating other people with similar problems and noting the results I achieve with them. Thereby gaining insights into my own problems.

This generally works both ways, I have learned things by working with my own body and my clients bodies that I have never come across in textbooks, and in text books I've found answers I may never have figured out for myself.

Almost every day is a journey of discovery. My greatest teachers are the people that I am treating. I am always asking for feedback as I work because I firmly believe that you know your body better than I do, after all you have lived in it all your life!

Working together, we can get you better.


Darren T. Do not mess!



"I have been to several Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physio’s over the years and I can honestly say that Darren outshines all of them! His extensive knowledge of how the body works and the way he works your muscles is amazing. He takes a holistic approach and explains in detail everything he is doing which is very refreshing."

Siobhan H. Lakeside