Please note that I have only used second name initials for all the patients who have kindly provided me with a testimonial. This is my choice to preserve their anonymity. All testimonials are genuine and completely verifiable. 
HI Darren
Had to contact you to say what a massive difference you have made to my life in general.
 For 12 months I have had sciatica, and as a builder it’s been a nightmare.
I have tried  seeing a physiotherapist, osteopaths, doctors and nurses to try and cure my pain so I could carry on working and live a normal life.
I have been taking fully loaded painkillers, and ontop of that tablets to protect my stomach.
So, during my initial consultation Darren stated to work on me, (at this point I must add, in a totally different way to any of the other professionals I have used).
Now after approx 6 sessions, I am working with 95 % less pain, and if I need painkillers the most I take is paracetamol, which is a massive plus, and that’s only on occasions.
So if I meet anyone thinking of getting help or treatment,  I really would suggest you and your treatment.
Paul D. General Builder

An absolute uncontested champion of therapist in my opinion.

Im a trained sports therapist myself (never as a career) so always have high expectations for treatment.
about 10 years ago i started getting a twinge in my shoulder i was a life guard so i put a lot of stress through the joint swimming.
I started getting regular massages as the pain never completely went away. it started to spread out and i developed other issues as i was compensating for the inhibited muscles.

So now i have pain all down my right side shoulder, ribs, hip down to my ankle i couldn't extend my leg from the knee i could not straighten my arm or do simple things without pain.
I have seen every type of therapist of the years from sport therapists and osteopaths, to acupuncturists. spending around £500 to £1000 a year on treatments.

I did receive some good treatments along the way (none that i would recommend) that would provide a little relief for a day or two then would be right back to being in pain also never really felt like anything was fixed because the problem had compounded so much they all gave the same advise excises and stretches nothing helped in fact they made it worse I really can't stress how nothing worked.

I'm now 36
I had kinda given up, accepting that i was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. As you can imagine a bit depressing, but we move on.
Then a friend recommended Darren

I'm so glad he did. The first session was an assessment and treatment, a process that I was used to and I would always try to leave it to the therapist to find some of my issues. Darren found them straight away and informed me that some of the advice I'd been given was only gonna make the problems worse, and gave a lot of information into why he thought this way, Only two sessions in and I have almost full mobility back in my shoulder and knee, and very little pain pushing weight through my joints now. A literal miracle worker in my experience.

Daniel H.


Earlier this year I developed a number of strange aches and pains that seemed to come from nowhere. First my left shoulder was painful especially when swimming, which I was doing a lot of at the time. I also had excruciating coccyx pain every time I sat down and a lot of tightness in my calves and adductors.
First of all, I visited an osteopath who diagnosed a pelvic tilt and attempted to ‘crack’ me back into place. I realised that this approach wasn’t working for me after 3 sessions with no improvement. I then went to see a physiotherapist who diagnosed ‘weak glutes’ and gave me strengthening exercises which didn’t make a difference either.
I then went to visit Darren who was convinced at the outset my problems were down to a muscle dysfunction - it was just a matter of working out which muscle. After the first few sessions things improved slightly but the shoulder tightness and coccyx pain remained. During the third session Darren worked on my neck and there was an immediate improvement
– it was amazing to think a muscle dysfunction in my neck (which wasn’t painful or stiff) was causing problems in unrelated parts of my body. After that session all my symptoms completely resolved. I absolutely recommend Darren - his knowledge and experience of the muscular and skeletal system is amazing. Being hypermobile I now realise that one dysfunctional muscle can have a knock effect in other areas of my body, so I’m sure I will be popping back to see Darren from time to time if I have any further problems. 
Caroline w.

As an amateur athlete who has competed in many adventure races, marathons and an ironman triathlon, I occasionally get injured.  Over the years I've had painful back, shoulder, knee, shin, even a big toe that refused to bend!

In the days when I didn't know better, I consulted the GP with my injuries.  They generally aren't much help with sports injuries and will refer you, if you push for it.  As a result, I've seen via the doctor, and paid for myself, treatment from Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and sports therapists.

Treatment was varied, some used ultrasound, infrared heat, electro therapy and acupuncture, needles.  None were, in my opinion beneficial - they may be for you if you sign up for enough treatments, but then in that time you might just have got better by yourself.

The worst for me were the Chiropractors who insist on cracking your back. I don't crack easily, so I tense up and as a result one made me significantly worse. The other attempted to sign me up for a series of 10 treatments, that in practice consisted of a 5 minute "crack" then out.

The most success I have had in managing injuries is from sports therapists, who through massage and prescribed exercises soon get you fit again.  

I've seen a few and would highly recommend Darren. I discovered Darren on recommendation about 8 years ago and he's my go to man with any sports injuries.  Darren qualified as an Osteopath but through experience and research developed his own style of therapy focussed around massage and remedial exercise.  

He has a series of muscle resistance tests which never fail to appear miraculous.  These generally reveal to you, very obviously, that certain muscles are not working properly, causing referred pain elsewhere from muscles that have been compensating. Generally after half an hour of intense massage, Darren will do his tests again and woah, strength has returned.  It really never fails to impress. One or two treatments, with you doing some remedial work is generally all it takes. 

I'd highly recommend Darren. His prices are reasonable for a Professional, and because you'll generally only see him once or twice it works out much cheaper than seeing some of the others.
If you are reading this, because you are in pain go and see Darren.

David T.


 Eight years ago I had an accident which damaged my knee.  Following two cortisone injections and five operations I was in great pain and unable to walk vey far, which led to me having to use a wheelchair for the past six years.

I visited Darren as I had hurt my back and "good leg", while Darren was treating me I asked if there was anything he could do for my knee.  He said he would try, which was going to be difficult as it was so painful I would not let anyone touch it!
Just two sessions later my knee was bending and I could walk without pain!!!!!!!  Words cannot describe how amazing Darren is, he has given me my life back.
Maureen B.


 Hi Darren,
I just came across your website recently, and would like to leave you this testimonial.
I came to see you nearly 9 years ago when I lived in Swindon. I was suffering from severe back pain and my back had curved into a question mark shape. You advised that the problem was related to my psoas muscles and I received just 2 treatments from you. The pain was gone almost immediately and I have never had even a twinge since! I currently have really bad neck and shoulder pain from 'poking' my head out at my desk. As I now live in Preston I can't use you anymore, but I desperately wish I could! I just want to say that I thought you were brilliant and I would recommend you (and have!) to anyone, even people outside of Swindon, just in case! You were very professional and made my visits very comfortable. I wish you success for the future as it will be well deserved - and I won't rule out a future visit if the pain continues!
Kind regards,

Faye W.

Dear Darren,

 I would like to thank you for all your care and attention over the last few months. When I first came to you, on the recommendation of my yoga teacher, I had tried every avenue of ‘conventional’ medicine, and was beginning to think that my walking days were over.

 My knee had been so painful for so long, that I was having to severely restrict my leisure activities and also began to doubt if I could continue carrying out the necessary site surveys for my work which often involves tramping for long distances. When my knee improved so quickly I was amazed, and with ongoing regular treatment, I feel able to continue at more or less full speed!

 The same thing happened with my recent neck problems where prescribed painkillers had absolutely no effect. You were able to manipulate my neck, and as you predicted, I was back to normal two days later.

 I am now completely converted to your techniques of muscle manipulation, and should anything else happen, I’ll be travelling over to Swindon as soon as possible!

 Yours sincerely

 Claire G. (Landscape architect)

Dear Darren,
Thankyou for the course of treatment you carried out to release a nerve trapped within the muscles of my lower back which had affected my spine, hip and upper leg. 
In just three weeks you have taken me from a state of immobility and severe pain to normal mobility so that I am now capable to hike and play golf (badly)!!
Many thanks,
Peter W.
I was lifting a sideboard at an awkward angle into the back of car when I experienced a sharp back pain. Later, my back ached but was liveable, so I ignored it and the next day went to my usual aerobic dance session to “ work it through” – during the session I was curious that my right leg seemed to intermittently collapse. I still did nothing, and a few days later it collapsed as I was jogging down a flight of stone steps causing me to fall, head-first down 8 of them. Miraculously, nothing was broken, but it did make me realise that maybe this leg collapsing thing was not just inconvenient, but was down-right dangerous!!

Enter Darren – recommended to me by a good friend. By this time – I was a mess of aches, pains and malfunctions. Some caused by the fall, many caused by other muscles trying to compensate for the original lifting injury. Plus goodness knows what else I had been putting-up-with from horse falls, kicks and a lifetime of bad posture (especially when driving it seems).

 Darren has worked systematically and thoroughly to unravel the mess I had created treating both symptoms and causes. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Not only resolving the collapsing leg issue, but also identifying & improving a number of imbalances, tensions and dysfunctional muscles that were contributing to restricted movement and poor posture. 

I would describe Darren as a very personable and caring professional. He is genuinely interested in the person as well as their muscles. And he is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and the way it functions and reacts in this modern world.  One of the specific things I like about Darren and the way he works, is that he is interested in the whole and long-term well-being of his clients.

Since going to see him I've felt stronger, more aligned and more supple than I have for a long time. Thank you Darren, & good luck with your seminar/ workshops.

Ellen W.- motivational speaker and lecturer


  At the time that Darren was recommended to me I couldn’t sit, sleep, walk, stand or drive without suffering severe back pain.

In the last nine months I have had two caudal epidurals which didn’t work.

Having previously seen other osteopaths, and chiropractors, I was quite cynical when my friend recommended Darren. I thought that I would remain in severe pain until I could have the operation that I have been offered.*

Darren made no promises but thought he could possibly improve my quality of life until I had my operation. I have now seen him four times, and since the start of my treatment can now sit, sleep and drive pain free, and I am improving with each session so much that I can even walk short distances, and stand to short periods without pain.

My treatment is ongoing and I can’t thank Darren enough to the great improvement ot my quality of life.

 Chris P.  

  *Note:- Several months later Chris is pain free, does not need a stick, sleeps well and can walk, drive and have fun with his grandchildren. The surgeon who had him booked in for spinal surgery recommended he cancel the procedure.


 I have known Darren Tilley for a number of years, and have had great relief from the treatment that I have received from him.  He's a very pleasant person and easy to talk to, and I would recommend him to any one who needs his services. 

 Brenda M.
As an Ironman triathlete and fitness instructor professional I know the importance of getting regular treatment and advice from a reputable therapist. Training for Ironman 15hrs+ per week takes it's toll on the body. Muscles become tight, minor aches become strong pains, small problems become big issues. Without the help and support of Darren Tilley over the past 3 years my body would be a wreck. It's only his expert knowledge, treatment and advice that has kept me going. Darren is always there to put right the damage caused by the 6hr+ bikes rides or 3hr+ running sessions. As a professional fitness instructor I have referred at least 50 clients to Darren, who have all been very grateful for his expert treatment and advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking honest, reliable and professional treatment.

 David M.-Fitness Professional and 2x Ironman

I was recommended to Darren by a friend  after all else failed with the alternative treatments I'd tried to improve the extreme pain I was in with muscular spasms.

Darren has been my life saver, as I really did contemplate suicide - he has understood my problem right from the start of treatment and although I have had this problem since July 2013, I am now almost at the stage where I am 98% pain free. 

For anyone considering treatment with Darren, I can assure you, that in my particular situation he has been worth every penny!

 Lyn H
Darren Tilley has treated me over a period of years for a chronic musculo -skeletal condition caused by a series of earlier traumatic injuries.

His level of diagnostic and treatment skills are exemplary.

He is open minded to different approaches.

He is patient and persistent in getting to the root causes of problems.

Darren has helped me enormously over time, and I would recommend him to anyone with similar conditions to mine.

 David B. Artist.

I first made an appointment with Darren some 3 years ago on the recommendation of a friend, and I have since passed on this recommendation to others.

 Over this period, treatment has not only been beneficial, but an educational experience as well. Darren has great knowledge and professional judgement. During this time he has also managed to further my own understanding, of how seemingly unconnected body parts can be affected by treatment in other areas of the body. I never cease to be amazed at how an under-functioning body-action can be ‘re-activated’ by a mere few minutes work on a particular muscle.

 Darren has certainly helped me with my running activities. I am now more ’body aware’ and have learnt the fact that it is not necessarily strengthening exercises which will enable a better performance, but enabling each body part to function normally will allow the whole to achieve more.

 Dr Jill B.

This is a short note to say thank you to Darren for giving me my life back, and believe me that is no exaggeration. 

 I had four months off work with a bad back last year after the problem had been gradually building up and getting worse for about twenty years.

 I have seen all the NHS specialists, had physio, Mctimony chiropractor who helped a lot and Acupuncture which helped a little.

Just before Christmas last year my yoga teacher recommended me to Darren.

Since then, I  have gone from hardly being able to walk, unable to climb stairs and do most things people take for granted, being in constant pain and full of anti-inflammatory and pain killing drugs, to running up the stairs, walking for miles, gardening, decorating, spring cleaning and loads of other things, I haven’t done for years.  I hardly take any drugs now and feel loads better in myself.  I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and that’s mostly better as well.

Whenever I sat for any length of time, e.g. – theatre, cinema or travelling, I would seize up completely and couldn’t move, and take half an hour or more to get going again.

Not any more.  I feel much younger than my fifty two years instead of about eighty two and now have a completely different outlook on life.

Now, anything is possible and it’s all due to Darren and his wonderful therapy.

 Mrs Ann G.

I had been seeing Darren after I sustained a very painful injury to my shoulder following a fall whilst dog walking. I was also hopeful that Darren might be able to reduce some of the back, shoulder and neck pain issues that I had been suffering from for a considerable period of time, in particular my damaged coccyx. I had been the victim of a Secondary school prank (some pre-pubescent boy thought it clever to remove my chair when I went to sit down), which had resulted in my being unable to sit still or lay comfortably on my back for the past 30 years! Trips to the cinema or theatre were fidgety and car journeys excruciating!!

 At my initial consultation Darren expressed his concern at not being able to resolve my coccyx problem mainly because it was such an old injury. Though disappointed at this I respected his honesty and integrity. However, after only a couple of treatments I am now completely pain free in this area, which in my opinion makes Darren an absolute miracle worker!

 I feel confident recommending Darren to my friends and colleagues. Despite the tears and discomfort during and after he is a truly skilled and caring practitioner.

 Cathy C.- Teacher
Darren has remedied my aches and pains on more than one occasion. His sessions sort the problem in hand without the obligation of coming to see him week after week, month after month. He does what is needed in just the right amount of sessions and guides you through what you need to do to help yourself. Darren has also worked on my husband and my son all with great results.
 As a therapist I have referred several clients to Darren for treatment and they have all come back singing his praises. This is of great value to me and to my clients.
Laura C.- Therapist


Darren has treated me on a number of occasions over the last five years and each time he has completely cured me of a problem which was starting to affect my quality of life to differing degrees. When you first meet Darren and he starts to explain the subtle balance between our muscles and nerves, you start to realise how you may have been unwittingly 'carrying' an injury or problem by adapting your posture in order to cope.

 Darren's treatments always start with a discussion of the condition and the surrounding factors. He takes the time to listen and understand both you, and the problems that have brought you to him. In each of my treatments I have found his ability to 'home' in on the problem quite astounding. His process for exploring the muscles, joints and nerves is thorough and considered; looking for referred pain and pressure points in order to locate and work on the source of the issue.

 On my first visit I was training to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats and was experiencing a very painful knee. My doctor referred me to an orthopaedic specialist but I thought I would try visiting Darren first. Darren was able to track this problem down to an imbalance in my upper leg muscles. After three treatments I was pain free and able to ride more than 100 miles each day. 

 My more recent visits have been due to the general 'wear and tear' of modern life, and as Darren explains; perhaps our bodies aren't best evolved to be working at a computer screen all day. Quite simply, the treatments that Darren have provided have restored me to pain-free life and work, when at times I had felt that would not be possible.

 I cannot recommend him enough!

 Ashley B, Software development/ Photographer.

Beginning teaching yoga 14 years ago, I was aware of old injuries in my back, but was confident that yoga stretching and strengthening would sort me out.  Well it did, up to a point, but a year ago my movements became really restricted with pain in my pelvis and, after going to various other complementary practitioners, I consulted Darren.

 I had apparently 'worked my way around my injuries when practising yoga, so Darren was able to deeply massage my muscles with their long held chronic tension, and over a period of six months I became totally pain free.

 I continually recommend Darren to my students - he is honest in his assessment of his ability to help (he usually can!), he believes that muscles and joints really want to be healthy and do their job and he encourages them to do this with massage and manipulation as appropriate, and he has an awareness of the body/mind/spirit relationship, so important for 'wholeness and health'.

 Thank you Darren, you are a magician who has improved my life and now quite a number of my students' lives dramatically.

 Margaret R. - British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

I have known Darren for 3 years now and I can honestly say if it hadn't been for him, I would not have realised one of my biggest ambitions - to run the London Marathon.  Just ten days before race day I injured my knee and I went to see him, in a lot of pain. Darren sorted out the injury and gave me the confidence and assurance that I could complete the race.  I did and I will always be grateful to him.  He is brilliant at his job and a really great person, and now friend.  I would recommend him to anyone. As a Sports Massage Therapist, I often come across clients with injuries that need more attention than I am able to offer, so I will always recommend they go and see Darren, as I know he will do his best to treat them and get them back to full fitness again.  He is the best - a true professional.

Despite the fact that you put me through agonies yesterday, I still think you are the best.

 Thanks for everything Darren,

  Terri Clark- Physical trainer and massage therapist


Hi Darren,
You asked me to let you know what the end result of my back problem was back in Feb/March this year. Well after going back to the doctors and waiting for the consultation, then waiting for an MRI they came back, to me last week to say I have a prolapsed disc on the left hand side of my back.
I am about to set off to the hospital now for a caudal epidural that should hopefully sort the issue out for me.
Just wanted to say thank you for your treatment and advice. I know a lot of therapists would have had me return for weeks of treatment with continuing bills without getting anywhere.
You were very genuine and upfront after the second session, and advised there and then that there was no point continuing as you believed there was disc damage. This early diagnosis has proved 100% accurate and I thank you for your advice.

I was advised to visit you by my employers and I will happily suggest you to friends and family in the future.
Many thanks,
G K, Swindon

Several years ago, I was unable to stand up straight and suffering pain whenever I went from a sitting to standing position.

 I was advised by another therapist, who was fully booked, to contact Mr. Tilley.

Within a week I had seen Mr Tilley and after an hour’s session was able to stand up straight.

Thanks to the exercises that  Mr Tilley suggested, within another week I was pain free and able to play golf.

Since then, whenever I have had muscular problems I have sought treatment from him and, believing prevention is better than cure, had regular massages which has prevented any serious recurrence of the back problem.

Richard M

B.Sc Econ


I was first recommended to Darren by a mutual friend who couldn’t speak highly enough of the miracles he had performed to help him get better.

 I was at my wits end after 2 years of going to my doctor, two chiropractors and an Osteopath. Through those 2 years, being self employed, I lost countless days off work with dreadful back pain. From my first appointment with Darren I knew I had met somebody that looked at the human body in a different way to that of the establishment. He explained he concentrated on soft tissue. He told me if he couldn’t resolve the problem in 3 sessions then he wouldn’t be able to help. After the session he gave me exercises to do.

From that day to this, I see Darren once/twice a year and I have never had another day off from the back pain.

That was over 8 years ago.

When you meet Darren, one thing you understand is how he has very high ethics and is truly a decent human being. It is hard for me to recommend anybody, as it can always go against you if things go wrong but I have, to numerous people in the last 8 years and without exception I haven’t heard one negative from those people, other than Darren is truly amazing which they in turn have recommended.

Darren is a true success in his own understanding of the human body .  

Darren S



I have consulted Darren Tilley over the past 13 years for a variety of injuries sustained mainly as a result of long distance running.

Before meeting Darren, I had sought treatment from Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Although the treatment I received from practitioners of these disciplines seemed beneficial initially, the problem very  often returned as soon as I returned to running. Very often I would be advised to stop running, but I run to keep myself fit.

Darren has always been at pains to make it clear that he is not a practising Osteopath. What has always impressed me with Darren’s approach is that he takes much more time to work out the correct diagnosis and further refines that diagnosis by closely observing the effects of treatment and questioning the patient. He clearly has very extensive knowledge of how individual groups of muscles work with, and against, each other and this enables him to explore causes of symptoms other than the most obvious.

What particularly impresses me about Darren is his professional integrity and honesty. Once he has brought about a cure, Darren does not recommend countless follow up appointments and treatments (with accompanying fees)just to “consolidate the effect” or “ensure the problem doesn’t return”. He simply advises clients to “see how it goes” and come back if there are any other problems. Also, if a client fails to respond to treatment after 1 or 2 sessions, Darren is quick to recommend they seek help from another discipline rather than keep taking their money.

In this respect, from my personal experience, other disciplines would do well to learn from his example.

Darren also treated my late husband for similar running related injuries. I know that were he alive today, he too would be vociferous in his support for Darren and would not be able to speak too highly of his professional competence.

Hilary H




Darren is, in my view, an exceptional therapist. He has been very helpful and most professional over the years and I have recommended him to several colleagues and friends over the years who have been happy with the treatment he has provided.

Katie S



I was recommended to Darren Tilley through running club colleagues as an extremely reliable sports therapist.

 I used others but sadly did not receive the results I have had with Darren. He has treated me for injuries I have received during my time of running. I have also recommended him to others within my group of friends as a sports therapist. I have found Darren to be completely professional at all times and without his treatment I could not have continued my training.

Debbie C



I have been having treatment from Darren for the past 8 years and because of Darren, my life span as a UK National Les Mills Trainer and as a fitness instructor has been extended.

Darren is honest, knowledgeable and an amazing therapist.

I totally and utterly trust him and know he is solely there for each and every client. He wants to improve, stop the pain from the injury /problem and, with me, he has done just that over the past 8 years.

I have, and will, continue to refer this hard working and incredible man to whoever is in need of a trained individual.

As I am a “health provider” too, I am totally in awe of Darren’s dedication and hard work and having recommended him to many, many people, I also love hearing the successes from all I have recommended.

Darren, keep up the fantastic work!

Delores D

Fitness Instructor


 Darren has treated me for several injuries sustained through my job teaching dance.

 He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the human body.

His people skills and commitment to heal people are second to none.

I have recommended him several times to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Clare Jones

Dance Teacher




I recommend Darren to all of my netball and running colleagues as I’ve had better results from him than physiotherapy and other treatments.

Without Darren I would not be able to play netball or run.... At all!

My maintenance sessions with him ensure I can continue to be more active and he’s done more for me than the surgeon and physio combined.

I always recommend him and will continue to do so.

He treats the whole body and not just the injured part, is full of advice and is a very pleasant chap! He was also very helpful to me during my recent anatomy and physiology exam.

I cannot speak highly enough of him.

Samantha P




Darren has always been fantastic at treating my sports injuries. He is a true professional , very well informed about his profession and I have no problem referring him to friends etc

Jacqui R



I have been treated by Darren on and off for approx 3-5 years.

As a Registered Nurse, I am well aware of the differences in treatments available and I chose to be treated by him because he was not an Osteopath.

Caroline B, RN



During the 9 years I have known Darren, I have found him to be an open and honest person regarding his background and qualifications and generous with his time and resources.

Though I have been to a number of Osteopathic practitioners, I found his treatment to be the most successful for myself and have since recommended him onward to colleagues and friends.

He has always striven to determine the best treatment for his clients , even advising visits to therapists and practitioners of other disciplines if so required.

He is well read and knowledgeable, readily passing on information if requested to and engages in continuous development of his own knowledge base.

Dr. Jill B




Having had spinal surgery 4 years ago, finding a massage practitioner that I felt I could trust, who also held sufficient qualifications to truly understand my condition, was extremely difficult.

I did not want joint manipulation and did not consider or look for an Osteopath  or Chiropractor.

Darren’s remedial massage has greatly improved my quality of life.

Tina M



Darren has treated me on a regular basis over the last few years, invariably with good results.

He always listens carefully and explains what he will be doing and how it will help.

I have had no hesitation in recommending Darren to others, knowing that if he feels his treatment is not appropriate, he will advise them straightaway.

Liz T



I have been using Darren’s services relating to muscle and other pain (in my case back and neck related) for around 5 years. I found him through personal recommendation for support with muscle issues related to sports injuries.

What he is is a first class practitioner of services relating to back, joint and muscle problems and he has been able to repair some quite major problems that I have had, one in particular that I am convinced had been caused by a registered physiotherapist taking over-aggressive action on a problem with my neck.

As a result of all of this, I regard Darren Tilley to be an extremely professional practitioner in the field in which he operates.

I am very pleased with the action he has taken to improve my mobility  and I would highly recommend him to anyone with similar problems.

Robert S  F.C.C.A