Thoughts and pain

I recently heard about a study on 30 cancer patients. Half were put on radioactive therapy and the other half on a placebo (a substance with no chemical effect, good or bad). All of the 15 on radio therapy lost their hair, but amazingly a quater of the people on the placebo also lost their hair! This is an extraordinary example of how our mind can affect our body and there are many others like it.

There are now many studies that seem to prove the mind, and what we think, can have a positive effect on our physiology (the way our body works). Studies with children who have cancer have shown that if the chid visualises space invader games where the ‘invaders’ are cancer cells, and the ‘gun’ is his/her immune system, then their white blood cell count will measurably rise.

Unfortunately, with humans, we seem to find it easiest to visualise the negative side of things.  It is suggested that what you think about most, you will attract into your life. When it comes to your health, your mind has a massive influence on your body. If you believe that because you are getting older you are bound to suffer aches and pains and arthritis, there is a good chance you will. Within your body, somehow your mind can make your thoughts a reality.

We are subtly conditioned from childhood to believe that ‘old age doesn’t come alone’, and because we see old people suffering,  we believe it’s true. Then as we get older and get aches and pains, we succumb to those beliefs.

However, in various cultures around the world, there are men and women living healthily into their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s, and often still working in manual jobs.

The reason we get ill, get aches and pains and suffer is because our thoughts are toxic to our bodies, our food is toxic to our bodies, our environment is toxic to our bodies, we don’t move enough and we don’t laugh enough.

I will actively encourage you to think positively about your well being, I won’t let you accept that because your Mum or Dad had a hip replacement that you inevitably will. I won’t let you believe that age is the reason you have aches and pains. I’ve seen many people get physically and mentally younger, even as they age chronologically.

I personally fully intend to live healthily and vigorously until I’m 120 years old and then die quietly in my sleep! I’m 41 (at the time of writing) and I’ve still got 80 years of Active fun filled life in me!! Have you? Are you prepared to take the steps that will help you to believe your body can become healthy?

I believe there is nothing that your body doesn’t have the ability to heal, given the right conditions, and a big part of that will always be your belief that you CAN get better. Why not start right now? Start believing you can heal, right now. You have nothing to lose. There is no such thing as false hope, only hope.