Pelvic/Groin pain



Groin strain in my opinion, is caused by one, or a combination of 2 factors, these involve the muscles on the inside of your thigh (adductors) or the muscle deep in your stomach that flexes your hip to lift your knee (Psoas).

There are a number of tests that I use to confirm this and, particularly if the psoas is involved, various other muscle groups within your inner pelvic complex that I will need to work on to re-establish the balance needed to remove your groin pain/strain.

It’s worth noting that so called ‘groin strain’ is rarely an actual strain, i.e. damage to the tendons, rather more of a painful muscle imbalance that can usually be fixed fairly quickly with the right approach to treatment.

Coccyx Pain (Tailbone)

One of the most painful problems in the backside can be a bent, displaced or fractured coccyx (Tailbone). Often caused by pranks such as removing a chair as you are about to sit down, or, more commonly, slipping on icy or wet floors and landing on the tailbone. Treatment for coccyx pain will depend on how and when the coccyx became a problem. But even chronic long term problems can be helped (see Testimonials) as well as more acute recent injuries or pain offset.

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