Covid -19 

December 2021. Practice open with minimal restrictions as noted below.


Dear Clients

I am following all the protocols required to prevent cross infection, by sanitising all surfaces between treatments, as well as changing pillow cases towels etc, providing hand santising gels and disposable towels in the wash room.

I ask that clients sanitise/wash their hands on entering the practice. Face masks are no longer required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, that is absolutely fine and if you would like me to wear one too, I am more than happy to do so. Please don't be afraid to ask me, if this the case.

It is also of course, essential that clients cancel their appointment if they have any symptoms of covid-19, or have had contact with anyone who has had symptoms in the ten days leading up to treatment

Finally anyone who develops symptoms within 3 days of attending my clinic should contact me to let me know.

However despite the above, I must remind anyone who is hoping for treatment, that these measures can not be guaranteed to keep you safe from covid-19, and as such I'm afraid you make a decision to attend the practice at your own risk.

Best wishes

Darren Tilley