Covid -19  November 2020

Dear Clients

My practice will remain open for the November lockdown, as my job description comes under 'Healthcare provider' banner.

However it is now mandatory to fill in a track and trace form on your arrival declaring yourself free from covid symptoms or any recent contact with anyone who does have them. Unfortunately my insurance is void if I don't supply these forms. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, as prevoiusly...

  • All patients are required to wash their hands on entering the waiting room, disposable hand towels are provided.


  • Patient and practitioner are required to wear a face covering throughout consultation and during treatment.


  • Disposable face hole covers are provided and after treatment all couch covers and pillowcases are changed.


  • Between treatments all surfaces are wiped down and sanitised with Isopropyl alcohol.


  • All magazines have been removed to avoid cross contamination.


  • There is now a minimum half hour between patients to allow for the above and to avoid patient contact in the waiting room.


  • Patients are requested to arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before their treatment time.


  • Please contact us to cancel treatment if you feel unwell or have come into contact with anyone experiencing Covid19 symptoms.


  • Please notify the practice immediately if you fall ill after attending.